Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad Mommy Blunder

I was picking Isaac up at daycare a few days ago, and as usual, they gave me a report of how he was that day. I've been taking him there for a while so I know the girls there very well. It went like this:

Teacher: "He was really great today. The only thing is that he said a swear word this morning."

Bad Mommy: "Oh Shit! What did he say?"

Teacher: "He said shit."

This is where I blushed ten shades of red and got the giggles. Wowsa I had that one coming didn't I? Chris and I feel very strongly about teaching our kids that certain decisions and behaviors are appropriate for adults, and not for children. We don't want to be hypocrites and tell them, "Drinking is bad," while we are drinking Pina Coladas. So we explain which things are OK for adults but not for kids. Swear words are known as 'Adult Words' so they know that we are going to say them, but they, as children, are not allowed to. I really do try not to swear around the kids, but unfortunately, they have to ride in the car with me, and that is one place I have to be allowed to swear when traffic drives me crazy! Anyway, all attempts at non-hypocritical parenting aside, I still feel pretty silly when the girls at the day care see me, because they are giggling and mouthing adult words at me!


Kaleanani said...

OK, that totally could have happened to me! I am horrible at censoring! =)

Ethony* said...

I worked in day care and I have heard much much worse. If shit is as bad as your son is repeating be thankful. One of my kids came in one day singing Mf*ck*r over and over and over. We are taught to ignore it as if we give him a response it will encourage the behavior. Luckily he stopped. I wonder if he heard that one from Mum or Dad? :)

Hibiscus Moon said...

I'm a teacher and somehow over the years ahve developed a really good switch in my head. You can do it if you put your mind to doing it. Its a good habit to develop.

mrsb said...

When my daughter was about 3, she was the most beautiful, angelic looking thing. Everywhere we went, she got tons of attention, all the older people would stop and tell her how pretty she was.

One day we were in line to check out at a store. Older ladies in front of us, older ladies behind us. The line was long, and taking too long. As we neared the checkout counter, my sweet, beautiful girl, who everyone was paying so much attention to, noticed that a bag of M&Ms had broken open and had spilled all over the floor.

She looked at me, and in a loud voice asked, "Mom! Who fucked that up?".

I almost peed myself.

Midnight Rose said...

I think we've all been there. My little angels are always embarrassing me in public.

Organic Meatbag said...

I probably would be regarded as a terrible parent, because censoring myself in traffic is something that I just cannot conceive in my wildest dreams that I would be able to do...