Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Suppose I Could Introduce Myself

Hello all! Thanks to Mrs. B (who shares the same first name as me!!!) I now actually have followers, and comments on my blog. I'm tickled pink with tiny white polkadots! I figure if anyone actually cares what I have to say, they might like to know who it is that is saying it. My name is Kristina (with-a-K). I'm 28 yrs old, very soon to be 29. I live in Spokane, Washington State. I have a four-year-old little boy named Isaac-Ian, and a 38-year-old man named Chris who live with me full time, and a five-year-old girl named Ariana, and a 10-yr-old girl named Alyssa that live with us every other weekend.
Chris is my boyfriend, and Ariana and Alyssa are his daughters. We have been together for almost two years now, and living together for almost one. We live in an apartment, but it was built in the 70's (complete with wet bar and gold crackled mirrors), so it seems to sprawl everywhere and feels more like a house. I am madly in love with decorating, reading, crafting, and fairly recently, cooking and baking. I grew up LDS and then defected, so for years I balked at anything that screamed of "sweet-little-woman-at-home-making" but have recently embraced my domestic side. I have recently discovered a Wiccan/Pagan path and it was though I found my authentic self. I work full time, but truly enjoy going home at night and vegging. I really don't even like going out on the weekends, for it gives me more time to enjoy the home we have created.
I am a very passionate person. I'm passionately in love with Chris, I love Isaac in such a strong weird mommy way that I still go in at night and make sure he is warm/cool/comfortable/still alive. The girls are so sweet and wonderful and I absolutely love having them home. The fact that I get to unleash all my unabashedly girly decorating desires in their bedroom and no where else in the house has absolutely nothing to do with it! :)
I have one desperately unmet desire: I need a room for all my crafts, my books, my fabulous Victoria magazines, and all the half-completed crafts, and scraps of paper with ideas on them. I would say studio, but I don't have one specific art that I am dedicated to. I'm a Jane-of-all-Arts!
One last thing about me, I am very long-winded, I tell elaborate, overly-detailed stories, and I drive Chris crazy. He just wants me to get to the point. So I go online, and I blab, and blab and blab, and imagine that someone out there likes a very fleshed out story like I do. If I've managed to keep you interested this long, you might find me very amusing. Even if it's in a car-crash-on-the-freeway-so-freaky-that-you-can't-stop-looking sort of way. I also promise you a few laughs, because my life without laughter, wouldn't be a life at all!


domestic bliss said...

Thanks for stopping by & for your comment! YES, yes,yes! You must have some fluffy flip flops- all you have to do is cut skinny or mid-skinny strips of fabric and double knot them all the way around- super easy and super cute! Comfy too I might add.
Let us know how they turn-out! Stop by again soon!

Pink Haired Momma said...

Nice to formally meet you! I look forward t oreading more of your blog! You sound fabulous!!!