Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Halloween is a-comin!

I am so excited for Halloween this year! We should be moved and getting settled into our new place just before then, and I hope to be able to go all out! In bloggety world, I am taking part in two special Halloween events that I am so excited about! The first is over at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom she is planning Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween... it is a 'Walking Tour' of the Blog world, with a different blog featured for every day of the month. I am going to be one of the 31 days! Mrs B is such a sweetheart, with such a great blog, I was thrilled to be able to take part! Also, I found another awesome blog today that is a new favorite of mine! It is A Fanciful Twist and she has a darling party scheduled for October 17th. I immediately became a follower, and begged her to let me in on the party! I have been wanting to shake up my blogs design a little bit... I probably will as the start of next month to prepare for my own Halloween themed post... and I have a few fun things planned too... I'm not above buying followers! :) I hope if they come for the prizes, they will stay for the content.... at least I dream they will! I hope that you all (by that I mean the faithful followers I now have, and the ones I am shamelessly hoping to lure) will stop by and check it all out... See the buttons on my sidebar to go directly to event pages...
Lots of love! xoxoxox (The last photo is just because the skeleton guy in Mrs. B's poster reminds me so much of Achmed the Dead Terrorist... who is by far my FAVORITE puppet of all time!)


D.Suplicki said...

I'm taking part in Mrs. B's 31 days of Halloween too! I haven't signed up for the walking tour, but I'm donating a prize for her giveaways.

I saw the Fanciful Twist party yesterday and want to sign up for that too, but I'll be away on my aniversarry and just couldn't commit that day. I'll certainly come check out your halloween layout though! :)

mrsb said...

Oh, would you like the tour date to be on the 17th, so you can hit them both at once? Or would you like to spread the love out and have 2 different days of bloggetty goodness, lol? Just let me know!

And thanks for the shout out!