Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Sad Story of my Beloved Couch

Er...rather...loveseat. I found this darling love seat at a second hand store a few years ago. It was only $40, and I didn't have the money on me. I left, disheartened, and convinced that some other lucky girl would get to take it home. A few WEEKS later I returned to the same store, and there it sat, and for only $15 due to a sale! I couldn't believe it. Good furniture never lasts at a second hand store! And this one was a beauty! It was a gorgeous vintage loveseat in a soft green and aqua damask fabric. It has a lovely button tufted back and tiny little arms. It really isn't the kind of couch that you lounge on to watch tv. I had dreams of making a sweet little seating area in my boudoir where I could rest my queenly self while getting ready for an elegant evening out. I bought the delicious little love seat and took it home to my tiny bedroom. It ended up in the living room, and has served itself very well. However, when Chris and I moved in together he made no secret of the fact that he hated my chick couch! I must say, it is the sort of vintage item that only women, and generally gay men would appreciate. At least I hope so! However, the girly monstrosity stayed because we needed the seating area. Now that we are moving again we decided to upgrade our furniture. We decided to donate the hideous old couch and chair we had, but I didn't want to see my beauty go that way.... I've grown quite attached. I tried to sell it for a week and had no response. I decided to just let it go to charity where maybe someone else would appreciate it. I can't say that I am not sad though! Chris thinks I'm a complete nutter for missing a piece of furniture! But he just doesn't understand! Alas, I am appealing to you, my lovely blogging friends for the sympathy I can't find at home. Also, I am including a picture, because I guess I'd like someone else to agree that it is a beauty.


Hoi Sum said...

You are not nutters at all-that love seat is beautiful! It reminds me of something from an old Victorian hotel. I picture a nice friendly ghost sitting on it :-)

Bridgett said...

I think it's lovely!
You're not nuts at all! :)


girlichef said...

It's so big and friendly and beckoning! I completely feel what you're saying...we use our beloved furniture until it's all worn out. And it's hard to find "just that right piece" to replace it when it finally does. I'm sure somebody else will love it, too :)

~*K*~ said...

Hi! I'm new and following your blog, and I think that seat was a lovely find indeed!

Anonymous said...

I'm also new and have to tell you that I love the loveseat. I can't believe you go it for $15 and it looks like it's in perfect condition.


Lyneya said...

I understand entirely. When hubby and I moved in together we combined our furniture and he had a very matchy-matchy living room set and my beloved ($3 thrift store, orange stripey, so ugly it's beautiful) reading chair just didn't fit. I ended up giving it away to a friend so I could make sure it was going to a good home where it would be loved like it deserved.