Friday, October 2, 2009

TMI Friday

Hello again! This is week 2 for my new feature... TMI Fridays... I have one to share that I borrowed, and one to share that was sent to me to be shared annonymously... but you know who you are you naughty girl ;)! So far I'm loving this... and I love that some of you shared last week...
Remember... though Sex is definitely sensational, TMI Fridays can be about anything. Honestly, the point behind it for me is that Chris likes my stories to be short and sweet... not padded with details... and I find that I like to tell stories with details, and I like to read stories that way too... For me the details make the story. The back story makes the story. All those details that most men can live without... are absolutely necessary to me! Now for the stories. First, a naughty little tidbit from 'Annonymous!'

I once met a guy at a hotel who I'd only talked to on-line...for just a few hours. Needless to say, we got to know each other better that afternoon. I can't even remember his name! And I never saw him again.
But he was oh-so-hot. :)
Looking back, I can't believe I was so stupid. He could've been an ax murderer! Eeek!

Now for the story I have borrowed from a friend. She has a serious craving for Dark Chocolate Dove Bars. She likes to eat them very slowly while watching her favorite shows, savoring the two things she loves. Often times she will end up with little chocolate bits on her, not so little-now-chocolate-covered-bits. All you busty ladies out there probably know what I'm talking about. Her husband came up with the sweetest way of playing this down and not embarrassing her. When he sees it when she is undressing he likes to savor and lick each little chocolate bit from her bits, as if she had put them there on purpose! How sweet is that? Chris would probably just tease me for being so messy!!!!

Now ladies, please do share your own little TMI stories... I promise not to laugh unless you give me permission too!


Bridgett said...

Booty call! :)

As for the chocolate, I totally get it! I'm a D cup, and oh yea, I get it alright. LOL

As for another TMI...I can't wear tampons. They make me itch like a mofo. :D

Yea, definitely TMI.


Nydia said...

Almost everyone has already met a guy for just one night without remembering his name afterwards! I did it, for sure...
I loved the chocolat bits story!!!!

Kisses form Nydia.

Irish Goddess said...

yes the chocolate is awesome and very sweet too