Friday, December 11, 2009

My New Business with Sensaria

I wanted to let you all know that I have started my own business with Sensaria Natural Bodycare. It's products that I love so much, and would love to share with all of you! Please stop by my web page and check it out... and click Here to be a fan of my Sensaria page on facebook! I am going to be having a giveaway of some of the awesome products in the next couple weeks also!

Since I am starting up, there are some great promotions that I can take advantage of, and I'd like to make a few goals that I've set for myself this month so I can earn free product and an awesome Sensaria branded calender/planner in a gorgeous shade of soft green. If you would like to help me earn this, please please place an order in the next week! You can order on my website, and it will be shipped directly to you, or place the order with me, and I'll send it to you once it comes in. I'm having a raffle to make it worth your while to help me reach my goals!

Here are the raffle rules:
If you place an order you get one entry.
If you get someone else to order you get two entries.
If you book a Spa Party you get five entries.
If you have a Spa-By-The-Book (that closes by December 17th) you get ten entries.
If you sign up to be an Independent Representative you get ten entries and a free gift from me!

The prize for the raffle will be a gift basket of all kinds of Spa Yumminess!

Thanks for reading, following, and supporting me! You are all wonderful!


Leathra said...

Aww...sorry I can't participate! I'm strapped trying to get a present for by boyfriend for christmas...hardly enough money to go around!

Bridgett said...

I wish I could order some of this goody-ness, but I have no money right now. We spent over $500 just buying Parker's groceries this week. :(

I'm sorry. I do wish I could help you out. I'm sure the basket is wonderful though. I did become a fan on FB...and hopefully I can order something later on. :)