Sunday, November 15, 2009

I have been awesome!

I just got the new issue of Glamour magazine, and I just finished reading it from cover to cover. I have to share some of what I love about it! Well, I loved everything about it, but I will only share a little, because if I share it all, you have no reason to read it! :) This is their annual Women of the Year Issue and I am so inspired!

First, I have something political to say. And anyone who knows me knows that I have a strong opinion about politics. If you are not educated and informed about politics, you have no right to have an opinion about them! That being said, I don't usually have much to say, because I am not informed and don't want to be ignorant. However, in this one case, I want to say this. Whether everyone likes them or not, the fact that the Obama's are in the White House is such an amazing leap forward for our country. The fact that Michelle's great great ancestor was a slave who sold for $475 at an auction in the 1850's (pg 60, Dec 09 Glamour) and she is now the First Lady shows how far we have come.

OK, on to less political speak. In an article about finding the best dresses for your body, Glamour actually included Plus Sizes... and they put them first! Usually us bigsexytypes rarely get mentioned along with the dress-your-big-butt-small-boobs-high-waist-short-legs-body articles at all, and if we do, its at the end of the article. But this time, we are first! (pg 138) This is another way that we have advanced as a country, as women, as a culture, and in the media. We wont be the last acceptable stereotype any more! (I'm sorry, I'm seriously on a soap box today. I wont be offended if you stop reading now!)

You need to read pg 84, the story at the bottom of the page. It is a tearjerker! One last thing and then I promise to stop typing!

I am going to lift a quote straight from the magazine. Have you heard of Precious? It is a movie I have planned to see, but haven't yet. It stars a BBBW... a Big Beautiful Black Woman and this was her first movie roll ever! She is quoted (page 94) as saying, "The press paints the picture that I got this role and now I'm awesome. But the truth is that I've been awesome, and then I got this role."
I am so inspired but those two sentences that I texted it to my friends, and put it on my Myspace and Facebook. She is so real and so right to say that. And WE ARE. We are fabulous already. Before the great job, the great man, the great family, the great movie roll, the 200 followers, etc. Already. We "have been awesome" and it sometimes takes those other things before other people realize it. But we should realize it now. And never forget it.
OK shameless (unpaid) advertising complete. I really think you should pick up this issue though, you wont be disappointed.
PS. You are already fabulous!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Isaac Wrote His Name!!!

I can't tell you how proud I am! My son was drawing yesterday, and I noticed that across the top of the page he had written his name! He switched the S and the C so it was more like Icaas... but still recognizable! I don't want to be one of those mom's who has a child dumb as a post, but still thinks they are a genius... but my son is a genius! OK so he is nearly 14... hahaha, just kidding, he is actually 4. Since we have moved back to Moses Lake, I had to find a new daycare, and this one has a built in preschool, which I love. He is doing so wonderful there, and the kids all seem to love him too. When I drop him off, I can hear the kids screaming his name, excited. It reminds me a little of Norm's big entrance on Cheers. Of course with out the beer and nuts!
On another note, I have been really trying to refocus on my Spiritual education and learning and studying more. I have a huge collection of books that I plan to read, but of course they are sitting in boxes in the storage until we get our own place! I have a dear friend who is learning and exploring right now, and she has found herself drawn to Wicca. It has been really nice to have some deep conversations with her about it. Especially considering I don't have anyone in my day to day life that is Wiccan. I know she is still trying it on and making sure it fits, but I can already see it making positive changes in her life, like it did in mine! I have also been trying to reach out into the Pagan community more, I have a deep need right now to feel connected.
I hope all of you are having a lovely November!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Did He Say Now Part... (Who the Hell is Counting Anymore????)......

Isaac Iron Man
Triplets Again

My family had a Halloween Party on Friday night this week... My sisters and I dressed up as triplets... which people thought we were all the time as kids. This was of course due to the fact that our mom loved to dress up her three blond haired, blue eyed daughters up in matching dresses and swimsuits... But we pulled it off quite nicely. I have decided that I am the fat one of us three (sad I know, but true... FOR NOW :) ) but we all decided when sitting side by side.. that I have the perkiest boobs! Go me! Or maybe its Go Lane Bryant for the fabulous bra! Either way... I'll take it. Ok that was a little off subject... but I had to share since I've missed TMI Friday for two weeks in a row... But I digress...
Isaac and I spent the night at my parents house, and drove home the next day. It is only a half hour drive, but a great chance for us to talk. He has become so imaginative that it amazes me all the time! He was telling me this crazy story about how we needed to get home into the sky, so we needed a ladder, a big tree, a cannon, a fire gun, and a rocket to get home. He laid them out perfectly into steps also...(Step one... ladder, step two... big tree.....) Then he started just talking and telling the story like a true story weaver. I was just getting lost in his magical little world and enjoying the drive, when all of a sudden I hear him say "Holy Shit its a meteor!"
I almost had to pull over I was laughing so hard, and yet so appalled! And then I tied a little string around that moment so I wouldn't forget it. Ahhhh Good times!