Friday, January 8, 2010

Word for 2010

I have stalled in my workbook progression. I know there is a page to write in my word for the year 2010, but I can't figure out what it is yet. So I haven't been able to return to it yet, without having that answered. I laid awake last night for a couple hours hoping that inspiration would strike me. I have a few that did come to mind, but don't seem to be the right, inspired word. I have come up with "Fresh" "Radiant" and "Glow" but they don't seem to encompass a whole year for me. Though I did get a pretty strong feeling I need to take the Radiant Goddess E-course at Goddess School. (Though I'm not sure how that will work since I don't get my first paycheck until after the term starts!!!)
I know that I want to focus on a lot on my eating and feeding my family this year. Fresher, more local ingredients. Less quick fix, box, frozen, etc meals. There is a possibility that after tax season ends I wont need to go back to work in a rush, or possibly at all. So I know I really want to explore and expand my creativity this year as well. When we get our place and I can unpack my "junk" as Chris calls it, I hope to set up a very nice creative/writing/meditation/alter/misc space. I might even get a whole room for it! We are just starting to look, and that is very high on my priority list!
So, I know that I want to be more creative, eat better, and see myself as a radiant goddess. But I am still struggling to find one word to encompass everything I hope and believe this year will be!
Is anyone else having the same conundrum?


Basinah said...

Are you , through all of this, "NURTURING" yourself and your family, physically, mentally, and spiritually??

I am printing my Goddess Workbook as we speak - thanks for sending me there! I haven't finalized my word yet.

Milena said...

My word didn't find me until I stopped looking for it :)

Michelle said...

Check out this free download, the word of the year discovery tool:

And if you still need ideas, try this list of suggestions:

Bridgett said...

I have to agree with Basinah...nurturing sounds like the perfect word to me. It encompasses everything you mentioned.

Hope you do find your word soon. :)