Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am a Sexy Goddess!

Bex, an adorable sweetie over at Bex's Hexes has started a lovely campaign called "I am a Sexy Goddess." It's all about owning your sexuality, and loving your body, and being OK with others doing the same. I love it! I think it goes along wonderfully with the "Own Your Beauty" movement from Blogher. (I have a banner for this at the bottom of my posts if you are interested!) So I say to you, you are damn sexy, Goddess! I am lush and curvy, and have a lot to offer the world! You darling, are amazing and sexy too! Believe it or not, there is room in this world for women like me, and you, and all the top models to all be sexy! Hop over to my sidebar and click on the button to see what it is all about!

While you are there, Bex is having an awesome giveaway for having reached 100 followers.... which naturally I want to win! Do stop on by for she is an inspirational darling... and just damn fun to read! One of my favorite things about her is how sweet and innocent she looks on the outside... and how much depth, and dare lurks just underneath! She is brave enough to stand up and say HEY when someone offends her with the media, and she owns her sexuality right out there in the world. Bex is totally Girl Powah approved! Ok... this love fest will stop now... but do stop by at Bex's Hexes!


PS... stop by and comment on our Facebook wall for an extra entry into the Giveaway.... ending November 2 so hurry!


Hoi Sum said...

*Blush* You are too kind Domesticated Gypsy! Thank you so much for writing this great post and for participating in my giveaway. You are one sexy Goddess yourself girl!

Have an awesome Samhain this weekend!


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing Kristina :)
X and O