Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Women who find Beauty

After a few weeks away from blogging due to starting my new job and dealing with a big shift in my routine, I am back. I will be sporadic for a little while due to the fact that we will *knock on wood* be moving into a place of our own in the next couple weeks! Anywhodiddlediddle... I sat down tonight to do a few pages in my Goddess workbook. I made it through the things you are grateful for in 2009 page, the Completion Circle page, and the What you want to learn in 2010 page. I placed my hand inside the completion circle as directed, and I swear to you I felt a surge of warmth and energy go up my arm. I could feel the energy of all my Goddess Sisters out there! On the bottom of the last page, there is a box where you write in what teachers you would like to invite into your life this year. I was really in the zone of intuitive writing, and found myself putting down "Women who find beauty"
When I realized I had written it, I wondered, do I mean women who find beauty in something? In simplicity, in chaos, in flea market styles, in the simple moments in life?
But then I realized that the sentence was complete. I invite women into my life who find beauty. I think we all long for beauty in our lives. But we do not all search for it. It is in the act of seeking beauty that it is found. I look around me every day to find beauty, and I see women who have the same look in their eyes. These are the women who I invite into my journey this year. Women to mentor me, inspire me, and find beauty with me.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Authentic: true to one's own personality, spirit, or character
This is my word for 2010! I was in the shower innocently washing my hair when I realized that my shampoo bottle was staring me down! The word "pure" was staring at me. I thought long and hard about that, but it still didn't seem to quite fit. But I knew that I was getting close. I decided to look of synonyms for pure, and the very last one was authentic. As soon as I read it, I knew it was right.
I want to live a more authentic life. I want to be true to my personality, spirit, and character. Also to my body. To my family. I want to eat more authentic foods, feel more authentic emotions, and have more authentic stories to tell. Now... onward! XOXO

Word for 2010

I have stalled in my workbook progression. I know there is a page to write in my word for the year 2010, but I can't figure out what it is yet. So I haven't been able to return to it yet, without having that answered. I laid awake last night for a couple hours hoping that inspiration would strike me. I have a few that did come to mind, but don't seem to be the right, inspired word. I have come up with "Fresh" "Radiant" and "Glow" but they don't seem to encompass a whole year for me. Though I did get a pretty strong feeling I need to take the Radiant Goddess E-course at Goddess School. (Though I'm not sure how that will work since I don't get my first paycheck until after the term starts!!!)
I know that I want to focus on a lot on my eating and feeding my family this year. Fresher, more local ingredients. Less quick fix, box, frozen, etc meals. There is a possibility that after tax season ends I wont need to go back to work in a rush, or possibly at all. So I know I really want to explore and expand my creativity this year as well. When we get our place and I can unpack my "junk" as Chris calls it, I hope to set up a very nice creative/writing/meditation/alter/misc space. I might even get a whole room for it! We are just starting to look, and that is very high on my priority list!
So, I know that I want to be more creative, eat better, and see myself as a radiant goddess. But I am still struggling to find one word to encompass everything I hope and believe this year will be!
Is anyone else having the same conundrum?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Creative Progress

Today I went to good ol' Wal-mart and picked up a few things for my Goddess Workbook. I found a beautiful purple ring binder, and some amazing sparkly stickers. I must admit I have a PASSION for stickers. I have tons of scrapbooking stuff, and most of it is stickers. I totally fell in love with Susan Branch stickers (and books, and calenders, etc etc etc) so anyway, this is just another way to feed an existing addiction! I digress... :p
I took a few pictures of my pretty sparklies, so I wanted to share. And BTW I am LOVING all the amazing, inspiring blog posts that many of you are writing about the Goddess Workbook. It's so amazing to feel not only my energy and creativity when I am working on it, but also, all of yours. It's almost like a Goddess circle, stretched out around the globe, and it gives me such amazing feelings every time I touch it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Goddess Workbook Fun

I've officially started filling in my Goddess Workbook and I'm so inspired! I was getting giggles of glee just watching each beautiful page pop out of the printer! I originally grabbed a black pen to write with, but that just didn't do justice to the glorious colors in the workbook. Being as we are not in a place of our own yet, (and most of what I own and love is in storage out back) I had to improvise and grab the kids multi-pack of art supplies. I filled in quite a few of the pages, all about 2009. I am so ready to wrap up the memories and lessons, and send the fear and junky stuff to the dump! I am very excited about 2010. Normally a new year, is just another day for me. Sure I love to kiss at midnight, and tell myself a few things that I will do differently. Inevitably, as the earth sheds the snow, I vow to shed some pounds. But otherwise, another year, is another day. I am hoping for much more this turn of the wheel.
One thing I know is coming in the workbook is declaring a word for the year. Not a resolution, but one word to encompass all that you hope to focus on in the coming year. I am trying to do this intuitively, and not just jump at the first nice word. Some that have come to mind are: authentic, leap, love, expand... but so far none has hit just the right note inside me...
I know it will come to me if I just look and listen to what inspires me.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goddess Guidebook and Life Update

There is a lovely blog/website that I have discovered lately, and I've fallen in love. It's this adorable woman in Australia who dreams of empowering and inspiring women all over the world. She has e-courses, meditations, and now an amazing Goddess Year 2010 Workbook and Planner.
I bought mine and I can't wait to get started with it. Just stop by her website and I dare you not to be inspired! I have been a little absent from blogging lately, due to some personal drama, as well as some very positive changes. I actually start working for H&R Block this upcoming week, and Chris (my SO/LP) started working this week. Soooo we plan to be getting a place of our own (FINALLY) in about a month. I can't wait to start looking. Because we both have been blessed by the Goddess to find good jobs, we can actually afford to be a little more picky and find a place we will really love. I am crossing my fingers that we will actually find one where I can have my own office/creativity room. Something I have been dying to have for years! A room I can call my own, decorate to my hearts content, and keep all my crafty, creative, inspiring stuff very handy.
I have a feeling this year is going to be an amazing one. :)