Sunday, February 21, 2010

Exciting new Changes and Surprises!

Guess what???? I'm engaged!!!! Last night Chris took me to a sweet little Italian restaurant in East Wenatchee called Garlinis. The food was by far the best Italian I have ever eaten! It was a sweet little booth in the corner with one little light over the table. Very intimate. We ordered, and then he handed me a bag with my Valentines present in it. Then he read me a poem that he had written. The present was a bear holding a heart shaped box, with a bag of candies sitting in it. He then had me pick up the candies, and underneath was the ring box. I was stunned! Then I opened it and he said, Will you marry me? I was speechless and crying! Then of course I said yes! Ok I know, enough with the exclamation points.... But I am excited.
Also, we have finally moved into our place. We are all unpacked and settled. It is a huge place, and we don't have enough furniture to fill it. But I love it! I am including some pictures of my ring, our house, and the lake view in the back. I have so much more to write about, but today, I am participating in Switch Off Sunday. A creation of the Fabulous Goddess Leonie. Have a beautiful blessed Sunday!