Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Book of Shadows Chapter 10

Her fabulocity Irish Goddess and I are almost done! :) She has been bugging me to get this finished... and I need to! See she is a newborn Twi-hard... so there are other books that she wants to read now too lol. :) Love you Amanda McFabulous!

Sooooooooooooo anyway...

This chapter is called "Cone of Power." It is about a ritual that the circle performed for one of the leaders of their circle. She was very sick and they were raising energy for her to heal. We all have heard that prayer works. Even in cases where patients are not aware that they are being prayed for, or do not know the people that are praying for them. I think that a ritual is another form of prayer. It is a collective energy being sent to a specific place for a specific purpose. Which is what prayer is. So I believe that ritual works too. Any thoughts?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goddess Workbook 2010 and a Giveaway

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By now, if you have been paying attention, you will know what a huge fan of Goddess Leonie I am. She is a continual source of inspiration for me, and I could probably talk about her forever. But alas, I will let her do that. She has so much to offer!

One thing that really got me hooked on her was my 2010 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook. The pictures below are scanned images of some of my completed pages. My favorite ones. Click on the images to see them more closely. Her illustration style is so fun and funky. I just loved diving into it, and coming out the other side with a great new perspective.

I started out 2010 working on it, and blogged about it as well. Then I ended the year on a totally different note. A darker more depressing one if you will. But like an owl, with amazing abilities to see in the dark, I am able to see my way through for the first time in a long time. I don't know where I'm going, but I know how to start getting there. Consequently, the owl has recently presented itself to me as my totem animal. You will probably be seeing a lot more of them on my page now! :) I have my word for 2011 set, and I am ready to get started!

I joined the Goddess Circle and now get the 2011 workbook included in that (as well as any other new goodies, and old ones that Leonie has created... an AMAZING deal!!!). I haven't printed it out yet, as I'm saving to do it at a color copy shop where it will be super high quality. I can't wait to dive in again!

This one is the cover of the workbook and I slid it into a binder as the cover image, after decorating it with stickers and jewels of course!
This is my medicine bag. I blogged about it recently in greater detail.
My affirmations!

Now I know in the title of this post I promised a giveaway... and I meant it! I will be giving away one copy of the 2011 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook to one lucky person. There are no limitations to where you can live, since I can email it to the winner. All you have to do to enter is comment here. There will be an extra entry for becoming or being a follower, and two extra entries for blogging about the giveaway. Next Saturday, Jan 15, I will pick one winner randomly. Thanks to all of you for continuing to read! XOXO

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book of Shadows... Chapter 8

It is my turn again to cover the chapter for the book club with Irish Goddess. This one is about some experiences that are very personal. The author also covers the very controversial topic of banishing. Many people who know of Wicca believe that there is a dividing line between those who practice good or white magic, and those who practice black or bad magic. "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" is a common question. This question actually has a few parts. The first is the use of the word 'witch.' The first thing that probably comes to mind is a surly old hag, with a black pointy hat, a crooked nose, and a huge wart. Am I right? I just did a Google image search for witch and this is the very first thing that popped up. Many Wiccans find it difficult to identify themselves by the title of Witch for this very reason. However, in this book, The Book of Shadows, Phyllis Curott gives another perspective. One where women proudly claim the title of Witch to shed that negative image, and show the world what a real witch looks like.
Well there she is. This is a photo of the author. Not exactly the same image is it?
Ok, that wasn't specific to this chapter, but I wanted to mention it.

So... good witch/bad witch. Witch are you? (Couldn't resist sorry...) My personal belief is not that one is good or bad. I believe we have both inside of us and it is the choices that we make that define us. We all have the capability in us to be mean, harsh, selfish, even dangerous given the right set of circumstances. That doesn't make us bad. There are certain times or places that call for us to tap into that darker side. If someone threatened my child I would be capable of things that would not cross my mind at any other time. If I didn't have a darker nature at all, I would be ill-equipped to protect myself and my family if need be. In this chapter, the circle performs a banishing after one of the members of the group is sexually assaulted. This was not a ritual directed at harming anyone, only to make him, and the lingering effects of his attack, leave. I think this is one such situation where tapping into our darker nature is important. Would you agree/disagree? Do any of you have any examples you would be willing to share?

New Year, New Girl Powah Music Video

This is a country song.... for those who might have an aversion...
I love this song, and hope to have the guts to sing it at Karaoke some day.

And because I want you to really get the message, here are the lyrics:

Little girl alone on the playground
Tired of gettin' teased and gettin' pushed around
Wishin' she was invisible
To them

She ran home cryin'
"Why do they hate me?"
And Mama wiped the tears and said
"Baby, you're brave and you're beautiful.
So, hold your head high.
Don't ever let 'em define
The light in your eyes.
Love yourself, give them Hell.
You can take on this world.
You just stand and be strong
And then fight
Like a girl."

At 31 she was wheelin' and dealin'
Kept on hittin' that same glass ceilin'
She was never gonna be one of the boys, no
She coulda gave up on her ambition
And spent the rest of her life just wishin'
Instead she listened to her mama's voice sayin'

"Hold your head high.
Don't ever let 'em define
The light in your eyes.
Love yourself, give them Hell.
You can take on this world.
You just stand and be strong
And then fight
Like a girl."

Oh, with style and grace
Kick ass and take names

Ten years of climbin' that ladder
Oh, but money and power don't matter
When the doctor said "the cancer spread"
She holds on tight to her husband and babies
And says "this is just another test God gave me.
And I know just how to handle this"

I'll hold my head high
I'll never let this define
The light in my eyes
Love myself, give it Hell
I'll take on this world
If I stand and be strong
No, I'll never give up
I will conquer with love
And I'll fight like
Like a girl

XOXO Love you all! Happy WHO year!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Word for the Year

I have found my word for the year. Also, I found a mascot. Well, I could say that I found a mascot and then my word. Hmm. Chicken. Egg. Chicken. Egg.
I digress.
My fiance and I split up on Christmas Eve. It was a really hard decision, and I don't want to get into the specifics of it on here. We have been struggling for quite some time, and this is for the best. Throughout the last 6 months, I have been struggling within. Trying to figure out what I need to be happy, and authentic to me. Coincidentally, "authentic" was my word for 2010. I don't know that I am all the way there, but I see some definite clarity. Now I need to take this process further.
So I was at a gas station one day and right by the register they had these animals carved in stone, and an adorable little brown owl caught my eye. I bought it on the spot. Then I was thinking that day about my owl. Who. That is what came to mind. Who. Now this is my word for 2011.

Who am I?
Who are you to think you can treat me the way you do?
Who do I think you are to allow you to treat me that way?
Who do I want to be?