Friday, January 13, 2012

New Diet and Direction

Hi there! I haven't written on here in a LONG time... I'd like to say it's because I have been writing over at The Sacred Village... but that isn't true either. I have had many distractions.. not the least of which is myself... and how I just LOVE to get in my own way. Anywhooooo...
I have started on a new diet.. though I loathe that word... it's more of an eating lifestyle. The Paleo Diet. Amanda and I are doing this together... and we have two of our very good friends who have been doing it for over 6 months and have done amazingly well! Sheryl is one of them and she has been blogging about her journey throughout, and she has some amazing recipes! Today for breakfast I am going to try one of her recipes called Eggs on a Cloud. I have never made it before so wish me luck! :)

On Tuesday I made breakfast for us, and took a little picture of it.
All I did was saute some onions, bacon, and mushrooms in a pan and then scrambled some eggs into it. Then sliced up a little tomato for a fresh element. It was yummmmy!

Amanda has been blogging about her journey as well over at Irish Goddess so if you are at all interested in what we are all doing... you have a whole bunch of links to check out. :)

Lots of beauty and love wishes for the new year!