Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goddess Workbook 2010 and a Giveaway

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By now, if you have been paying attention, you will know what a huge fan of Goddess Leonie I am. She is a continual source of inspiration for me, and I could probably talk about her forever. But alas, I will let her do that. She has so much to offer!

One thing that really got me hooked on her was my 2010 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook. The pictures below are scanned images of some of my completed pages. My favorite ones. Click on the images to see them more closely. Her illustration style is so fun and funky. I just loved diving into it, and coming out the other side with a great new perspective.

I started out 2010 working on it, and blogged about it as well. Then I ended the year on a totally different note. A darker more depressing one if you will. But like an owl, with amazing abilities to see in the dark, I am able to see my way through for the first time in a long time. I don't know where I'm going, but I know how to start getting there. Consequently, the owl has recently presented itself to me as my totem animal. You will probably be seeing a lot more of them on my page now! :) I have my word for 2011 set, and I am ready to get started!

I joined the Goddess Circle and now get the 2011 workbook included in that (as well as any other new goodies, and old ones that Leonie has created... an AMAZING deal!!!). I haven't printed it out yet, as I'm saving to do it at a color copy shop where it will be super high quality. I can't wait to dive in again!

This one is the cover of the workbook and I slid it into a binder as the cover image, after decorating it with stickers and jewels of course!
This is my medicine bag. I blogged about it recently in greater detail.
My affirmations!

Now I know in the title of this post I promised a giveaway... and I meant it! I will be giving away one copy of the 2011 Creating Your Goddess Year Workbook to one lucky person. There are no limitations to where you can live, since I can email it to the winner. All you have to do to enter is comment here. There will be an extra entry for becoming or being a follower, and two extra entries for blogging about the giveaway. Next Saturday, Jan 15, I will pick one winner randomly. Thanks to all of you for continuing to read! XOXO


Diandra said...

I've seen the Goddess Workbook Calender, but I haven't given it a try yet. Maybe I should...

SpiritPhoenix said...

So cool! I'm a follower too.

Anonymous said...

Very similar.

Tabetha said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I've been meaning to buy a Goddess Workbook but I haven't had the money to yet. I hope I win! :D Oh, and I blogged about this at My email address is

SushiQ said...

I have been saving for one of these! I would be so excited if I won! I'm also a follower!

Ellie said...

OOH what a fantastic giveaway! Enter me please, times 2 as I am also a follower.

Hoi Sum said...

Great post as always! Thanks again for blogging about Goddess Leonie's website and products! Inspired by you and Goddess Leonie I have started blogging about and posting pics as I work through the 2011 Goddess Guidebook too. Love it!

Have a fabulous day!

Love and Blessings,

Midwinterain said...

Followed a link from confessions of a crafty witch to find this blog.

I'd love to enter, i've never even heard of the Goddess workbook before, but it sounds very interesting.

Enter me twice please! x

SpiritPhoenix said...

I couldn't wait for your winner post. So I went ahead and go a copy of the workbook. Can't wait to print it and get started. So go ahead and withdraw me from the drawing.

Melissa said...

so awesome! thanks for sharing sweet lady! :)